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Are you still hopping every few months from one salon to the next? In the hope that someone finally understands your hair? Are you tired from spending a lot of money whilst not feeling properly taken care of..? Then come to HB Hairstylers and experience first hand what makes this salon different from others…

Expertise & Craftmanship

Berge and Christina have two things in common; they belong to the absolute top in their specific field, and they love their jobs and people. They look back at 40 years of experience, an expertise that is barely found amongst today’s hairsalons. They genuinely care about you and your hair and will always advise what is best for your specific hair situation. 

Beautiful hair goes beyond a new haircut… It is the ability to translate your need and give advice on for example how to choose the best fitting hair colour as well as products for you individually. We believe that doing is more important that just saying the right thing.

Rebuilding Damaged Hair & Treating Hairloss
Solving problems for every hair is HB Hairstylers core strength and made them popular even beyond Amsterdam’s city borders. They fortify weak hair and can transform damaged hair already in one treatment. They personally give their guarantee that they are able to rebuild your hair, as well as treating hairloss. Also if your hair colour has gone wrong, they will find a solution for you which doesn’t require to simply cut off your hair. Ask for their advice and get the (back) hair you always dreamed of.

Time for You
Rest and relaxation are important ingredients in their formula. 
They take plenty of time for you, and even if you have little time they are proficient  enough to deliver quality. HB Hairstylers believe in the attention to detail and to people, you will feel their pleasure at work whilst enjoying the serene ambience. 

Top Quality Products
HB Hairstylers only work with Top Quality Products from Alterna, Philip B., Aveda, Medavita, Kerastase and L’oreal. We fully trust in our products and are giving a satisfaction guarantee.

Make your appointment today, we are looking forward to meeting you!

"Great experience, very good approach and high quality hairdresser. I would definitely recommend it!"
Erik Dekker
"True Craftsmanship, He knows what's best for you and your hair and takes pride in what he does. Good conversations whilst your hair is styled, not the usual boring chit-chat,and on top of that some good restaurant recommendations as well! I came in here 2 years ago and have been coming back ever since. I can easily say it is the best hairstylist i have been in the Netherlands in the past 30 years."
Francesco Sordo Sanchez
"I visited them yesterday to help me fix my hair and try to amend the horrible haircut made by another hair stylist. Not only did they gave me a great haircut but they also chose an excellent color to compliment my blue eyes. It's a small hair salon that doesn't only do miracles with your hair but provides perfect atmosphere where to go after a work day (no screaming loud music), massage chair during hair wash and Berge's great sense of humor! It's a place where you're not treated as another customer, you're treated as a dear client with a name. 🙂 It's a place where 2 people are doing what they love most and they are doing it very well! Definitely a place to go when you don't have your own hair stylist or are looking for one. I know I'll be sticking around."
Maria Witbaard

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