Take a moment for yourself and experience the hospitality and quietness in our salon. Even after a short visit you again feel refreshed and energetic. Have a cup of coffee, enjoy the soothing sounds on our massage chairs, get inspired by the creativity and skills of Berge & Christina….And be able to go on the way home with a feeling of relaxation, or be ready to go back to work.

“We don’t only use the best quality products in market but we also stand for results. We are proud to differentiate ourselves from the many hairsalons where customers are treated as numbers, where you keep meeting every time a new hairstylist and treatments are largely sold based on profit related reasons. We instead care about every individual customer and believe in quality results, not only for the short term. Instead of following each and every trend we carefully test and select the products and treatments we are offering in our salon. We are only offering you the best treatments and products we are strongly believing in, and not only that…we are standing up to our promise – we guarantee your satisfaction. 

We are know beyond city borders to be experts in treating very damaged hair as well as hair loss. After one treatment you will already start to see and feel the results.

Men as well as women are very welcome in our salon – we understand how to treat each individual’s hair differently according to its specific structure and needs.

We are proud of 40 years of craftmanship & expertise and that we walk the talk. We stand for genuine feedback & advice based on what we know as experts, we want the best in the mid and long term for your hair. Together with you, we want to (re)build the hair you are dreaming about for so long.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our salon!”

Berge & Christina

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